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Immersive Talks

Mar 12, 2019

Welcome to the 9th Episode of Immersive Talks! 


This episode Palmer gets a chance to talk with Carrie Able, a resident artist at Jump Into the Light. She is an artist, musician, and creator who pushes the boundaries by expressing her message in VR. She currently spends her time at Jump making an immersive sonified painting that will go along with the songs on her upcoming album. Listeners will be able to explore the painting as the sound changes around you. She is performing at SXSW on March 16th at the Alternate Dimension (ADIM) showcase located at 201 E. 5th Street in downtown Austin. Check her out! 

Carrie Able:

Carrie Able Instagram: @carrieableart

Big Foote Music + Sound:

Jump into the Light: